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National Gallery of Art

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The next great museum that exists all across the world just so happens to be in the capital of the greatest country in all of the world, and that’s in Washington, D.C. at the National Gallery of Art. There at the National Gallery you can see an extremely different variety of different types of art that come from all over the globe and a lot of it is from American painters, sculptors and artists of all types. The building itself is also a really cool artistic type of architecture that helps it stand out amongst all the famous museums and buildings that are constantly being built and permeated around the capital of the United States of America.  Fast loans with no credit check unsecured and payday loan online up to $1,000 instant approval. If you have bad credit score try bad credit loans.


The next really cool museum across the globe is a much different, more outdoor experience of going to a museum than most of the great museums all across the globe. This museum is called Ihotim, and it’s located in Brumadinho, Brazil. This is a mostly outdoor museum that includes giant gardens and enormously beautiful pools that are all so well kept that you’d think it’s constantly being worked on, but it’s not necessarily. When you’re walking around the gardens at this museum you’ll see a lot of very bizarre and rather interesting exhibits of art. But it’s safe to say that this museum is very unique and different than a lot of other museums on this list and is a must see if you are a museum buff who has a ton of money to travel to places like Brazil.


The next great museum from around the entire world also comes from the same country as our last sample through the country of Brazil. We’re talking about the very famous Instituto Ricardo Brennard, which is located in Recife, Brazil. This museum is kind of like dropping into a whole different universe and it’s also very bizarre and strange in all respects to the artists who created some of the most interesting pieces of art the world has ever known. This museum is like going into Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland and being transformed into a cartoon character while sipping on magical tea that makes you hallucinate like ayahuasca.


The next extremely cool and great museum from around the world goes back to the USA’s capital in Washington, D.C., which is a town known for its incredible museums. We’re talking about one of the best museums in all of D.C. in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. This museum is full of life size airplanes and other awesome aviation exhibits that make you feel like you’re one of the Wright Brothers. There are a lot of different Smithsonian museums all over the place, especially in D.C. but this Smithsonian rendition is by far the most popular of all of them put together.


The next greatest museum around the world comes from the other side of the United States of America right here in Los Angeles, California through the world famous The Getty Center. This museum is so massive and exciting that it would probably take you more than just one visit to fully get the whole picture of what this museum has to offer. With six different facilities this museum is gigantic and blends together art and nature in a really cool way that exemplifies what art does to our culture. It’s also in a really cool spot in Los Angeles that allows you to see a lot of the cool views of the entire city.


New York City Museum

First and foremost if we’re going to talk about the best museums in the world we first have to talk about The Metropolitan Museum of Art based in New York City. I’ve personally been to the MET once and it was an extraordinary place to say the very least. With exhibits always changing the MET is never the same each year, but still some of the world’s best treasures and exhibits are at the MET. Quick payday loans online same day.


First and foremost if we’re going to talk about the best museums in the world we first have to talk about The Metropolitan Museum of Art based in New York City. I’ve personally been to the MET once and it was an extraordinary place to say the very least. With exhibits always changing the MET is never the same each year, but still some of the world’s best treasures and exhibits are at the MET.


From dinosaurs, to Egyptian artifacts, to some of the best paintings the world has ever known, to African art, it really is an endless maze that can be explored for weeks and months to really get the full picture of the entire museum. It’s so vast and huge that it can be somewhat overwhelming, and they do have some weird rules that are really annoying, but still it’s a great place to bring a camera and your family and spend an afternoon in New York exploring the world’s best art.


Another great museum is The Museum of New Zealand, which is located in Wellington, New Zealand. What makes this museum so special is that it has successfully preserved this cultural history of the country of New Zealand all the way back to before any settlers ever colonized and called the place New Zealand.


With such a rich indigenous culture New Zealand has a lot to teach us about early civilizations, because c’mon who doesn’t want to know about the people who lived on New Zealand hundreds of years ago? From fauna, flora, geography, art and a whole bunch of geology there is a lot to learn at this museum and like they say if you can imagine it, it is probably at the Museum of New Zealand.


The next best museum around the world is The Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires, which obviously is located in Argentina. From famous communist paintings to the art that really influenced a lot of impressionism and Spanish style art, this Argentinean museum has a lot to offer everyone in the family.


It’s a contemporary art museum, but it’s extraordinary in size and array of paintings and other forms of art, but being a contemporary art museum does limit it somewhat because it doesn’t have the cool stuff like you would see in a place like the MET that all the little kids think is awesome like dinosaur fossils and stuff.


The next great museum in the world is something that is really one of the coolest sights in all of the earth, and it is The Museum of Qin Terr-cotta Warriors and Horses, which is located in Xi’an, China.


This museum is very famous for the hidden cave that was discovered to have thousands of life size statues of an army of people with horses and really an entire society of art worked statues. Everyone has seen pictures of the vastness of just how many statues there are in this museum, and it has to be one of the most unbelievable museums to go to, especially if you’re adventuring around China, because that sounds really epic in itself. But go to this museum, have some fun and check out how cool Chinese culture is!


The next greatest museum in the world is the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, which is located in Jerusalem, Israel. I’ve personally been to Yad Vashem and it’s safe to say that it was by far the most uncomfortable museum I’ve ever been to in my entire life.


To learn about the Holocaust to that extent was really disturbing and brings about this incredibly negative and sad energy everywhere, but nonetheless this museum gives off a really strong emotional response because the Holocaust is such a sensitive subject for so many people, especially Jewish people. But this museum is a great place where millions of Jewish people sojourn to learn more about those fatal years.


Welcome to the online Museum

The best Museums in the World

No matter where you go around the world you’re going to run into some places where art remains for centuries, where the passing of time doesn’t matter and artists names and works live on forever. The place that I am talking about is museums, and they’re literally all over the place. Fast bad credit personal loans near me.


Museums are great places to go and learn about the past, to dive into an adventure and learn more about the world around us while also learning more about ourselves and how we perceive new information and intrigue. No matter what museum you go to there will be something that will change you just the slightest bit at minimum, but nonetheless museums are places where education and art collide, and they are also great places to spend a fun afternoon perusing when it’s raining outside or you’re just really bored and feel like adventuring around a museum.


Museums sometimes get this negative wrap that they’re all boring places and that it’s no fun to go to a museum because it seems like the boring stuff your parents dragged you to when you’re a little kid, and for some people that still remains the same, but for others who enjoy art in all its forms then museums are great places to learn more about art and to become better cultured overall. It’s really a place where art is appreciated, and that’s what is so important about museums. They give artists the recognition and appreciation that they truly deserve, and they can act as places to preserve some of the world’s best art for years and years.


This article is going to dive deeply into the best museums from all around the world, and that means we’re going to be discussing what exactly makes each and every one of these museums worthwhile to going and what makes them so special amongst all the museums that are all very special. But we had to manage a list down and we have, and that’s why this article will give you a list and in depth descriptions of all the very best museums from all around the world.


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